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«Christ, Wisdom of the Father,
was made sick for our sicknesses.»

Saint Anthony, Feast of St. Stephen

Dear Friend,

On February 11th at 8:15 am (CET) we will celebrate a Holy Mass here at the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua, Italy, for all of the Saint's devotees who are sick or suffering. We will be praying for them, but also for those who are looking after them.

If you are suffering because of illness, or if you know someone who is, please let us help you.
Let us include you and the people you are concerned about in our prayers on February 11th 2016. Simply write down their names in the space below. You may also send a prayer and I will personally place them on Saint Anthony's Tomb.

I shall invoke upon them and upon you our Lord's blessing through the intercession of our beloved Saint.
Peace and all Good.

The 8:15am (CET) Mass will be streamed live from the Basilica.

Padre Giancarlo Zamengo
Father Giancarlo Zamengo

P.S. If you wish you may also watch Fr. Mario Conte's (editor of the Messenger of Saint Anthony) meditation for the World Day of Prayer for the Sick.

February 11th, World Day of Prayer for the Sick Mass

Write here the names of your loved ones who are sick or suffering. We will remember them during the Holy Mass at the Basilica on February 11th at 8:15 am (CET).

Write your prayer to St. Anthony, we will place it on his Tomb.

Sant'Antonio If you wish we will send you a prayer card memento.

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